How to roll a Corn Husk Joint

corn joint husk

You’re hosting a party, there’s gonna be a lot of weed there. You want to be a good host? You should watch this video and learn how to roll a corn husk joint! The slow burning, earthy tasting cornhusk is a great party favor to pass around. Try it out!

This old-fashioned form of smoking originated in Jamaica and it’s a brilliant way to get high while also using up something you would otherwise throw out.

How to roll a Corn Husk Joint?

Readily available especially in late summer and early fall. Simply select a length of husk, add some weed, roll it up, seal it with saliva, and/or tie it together with spare fibers, and voila! Corn Husk blunt.

You want to use the most inner layer of the husk because it’s a lot thinner, smoother, and easier to twist – it’s also tastier.

To roll this joint you first have to dry out the inner layer of the husks – leave it out in the sun for a day or in a warm oven for a couple of hours. You want to cut or tear apart the husks so they are the right size and then you can store them for use later as well.

When you want to smoke it we the husk a little with water and let it sit for a couple of minutes, this should make the husk stick together when you roll it. Hand dry it again with a paper towel and then just use the husk to roll the joint just like using the regular rolling paper.

If your husk isn’t sealing up tight enough for your liking you can tear a long strip off from another husk and use it to tie the end of the joint. Using corn husks makes the weed burn slow and evenly.

Is it safe to smoke Corn Husk Joints?

The smoke is a bit harsher than standard papers but, provided the corn was cultivated organically, should be just as safe to smoke as regular papers.

Cannabis is more than just medicine or a silly pastime; it is a culture filled with interesting people, exciting activities, amazing products and unique ways to consume said products.

If you’re ready to show off your passion for pot, then try one for yourself!

You can also learn how to learn how to roll a corn husk joint from the video below:

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